Sunday, September 11, 2011

Native American Curses?

Two tales that I recently encountered upon speaking with some locals are quite disturbing, but they also make one wonder, do Native American curses exist?

The first tale is from a gentleman i was talking with a couple of weeks ago. He said that he and his family were boating Lake Powell in Southern Utah/Northern Arizona some years ago. They approached an area where the docked and encountered some Native American ruins. The ruins, he said, appeared to have been taken care of by a government agency in order to preserve them. This individual proceeded to look at the ruins and chipped a piece of the "clay" from the the structure and they headed on their way.

As they loaded back into their boat they were surprised to see that their boat would not turn on. They attempted to work on it for two days without any luck of getting it to start.

The individual wondered if it was because he had disrespected the Native American site and decided to return the piece of "clay". They gave the boats ignition another try and it started right up.

The next tale is one that was told through multiple people, i have not spoken to the individual who this incident happened to.

Several years ago their was a man from Vernal who was interested in ancient artifacts. One day, while this man was hiking he stumbled upon a skull, which he believed to be of Native American origin. He decided to take it home and set it upon a shelf.

For three nights the man had a recurring nightmare of a Native American Chief chasing him, attempting to kill him, pointing an arrowhead at his neck, but fails due to this individual waking up.

The man decided it best to return the skull to the area which he found it. He did not have the recurring nightmare anymore.

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  1. I hope the people who vandalized Serpent Mound, in southern Ohio this past 4th of July have the same experience.