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Protectors from Beyond Part 1-MTEP5

Mystery Tidbits Episode 5-Protectors From Beyond Part 1
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The Uinta Mountains in Utah are heavily sprinkled with adventure, history and not to mention, mystery. The mountains are not only home to an endless amount of wealth in gold and silver, they are also home to spirits who protect that wealth, which begs the question, would a person be able to enjoy that wealth before meeting an untimely demise?

A Native American Ute by the name of Tabuache, or best known as "Wash" retold his tale of his run in with some "Protectors from beyond". The story begins with Wash as a child, being told a tale, which took place around 1845, near Rock Creek in the Uintah Mountains. He was told that in that year a run in took place between approximately 15 Mexicans and about 75 Utes. The Utes were upset due to the influx of intruders onto their land and found a number of Mexicans with some horses and a wagon, which was filled with Gold. The Mexicans were massacred and by the order of their leader, Tabby, the Utes were commanded to remove traces of the massacre from the site. The gold bars which were found in the wagon were turned over to the squaws of the tribe and returned to the mountains near the mine from where they had came and tossed into a nearby lake. (1)

When Wash became a little older, he became more adventurous. He had remembered the story of the massacre and how the gold had been thrown into a lake, therefore he felt the ambition to set out a search for them. He knew his journey for the gold was forbidden due to the fact that the gold was sacred, still he went. According to Wash, the gold was thrown into one of the three Brown Duck Lakes in the High Uintahs, and due to a drought that year, the glaciers and snow banks which fed the lake had receded, allowing a good view to the bottoms of which were once deep lakes. (2)

The Area where the gold had supposedly been deposited was in a deeper part of the lake, therefore it was only accessible in years of drought. As he waded into the depths of the icy cold water, he immersed his head under water and to his surprise he saw several gold bars laying deep in the submerged sliderock. He realized that due to the golds depth and the cold temperature of the water, he could not reach them in bare skin. (3)

Wash left and returned later with a 10 foot lodgepole with a piece of bailing twine attached at the end with a loop. It took him many tries to snag one of the gold bars, submerging his head to make out their location better and making many trips back to the shore to warm himself. As he went back and gave it another try, he was successfully able to get the loop over one of the bars, bring it close enough to his feet where it dropped and he was able to pick it up and take it to the shore. (4)

This is where the story takes an unnerving turn.

Wash, again, was about to make his way back to the water to retrieve another bar when he began to hear a strange sound coming from under the ledges of the deepest part of the lake. As he looked up he saw what appeared to be an aquatic creature that resembled a dinosaur. Wash immediately thought that it was a spirit guardian of the sacred gold. He immediately packed his gear up and headed home. (5)

Wash Did not meet an untimely demise, however, if he would have stayed to retrieve more gold bars, perhaps he would have. Have any treasure hunters met their demise while looking for untold riches? Stay tuned for "Protectors from Beyond, Part 2".

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