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Protectors from Beyond Part 2-MTEP6

Mystery Tidbits Episode 6-Protectors From Beyond Part 2
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The protectors from beyond seem to appear quite often within the High Uintah Mountains in Utah. Another instance involves two men named Bill Bleazard and Hap Stevenson. Stevenson was a superstitious man to begin with and was frightened by the thought of being in the mountains after dark, therefore he and Bleazard always made it back to their camp before the sun went down. Farm Creek was the area in which they were treasure hunting on this particular day and were following an old Indian and Spanish trail. They split up and were walking several hundred feet apart from each other. As the night grew close, Bleazard yelled to Stevenson to make him aware that it was getting close to the time that they should start heading back to camp. Stevenson answered back to Bleazard by saying “If we get too close to that gold, the spirits will get us”. Ironically, these words were the last that Stevenson would ever say. Bleazard called back to him, but he did not answer. When Bleazard reached Stevenson, he had found that Stevenson had a heart attack. (1)
Could Stevenson have gotten so close to the treasure that the “protectors” stopped him from actually finding it?
Perhaps this story can be supported with some evidence from a white man who was working with some Ute Indians. The unnamed source was in a service of government position and became acquainted with several high ranking Ute Tribe members. On this particular day, the white man and his two Native American companions were in the Rock Creek area, near where an old Spanish mine was said to be located. He proceeded to ask if either of the two Indians knew where the mine was located. They did not answer and the white man immediately noticed a change in his two companions demeanor. When he asked again one of the Indians said “You are my friend. I don’t want you to die. If you get too close to those mines the spirits will get you. You will get sick and die.” (2)
To conclude, a man by the name McKenzie, who was a construction worker on the Upper Stillwater Dam in Rock Creek, enjoyed prospecting in the area on his off hours. One day, in an area known as Miners Gulch, while digging around, McKenzie found a grave site, which contained four skeletons. From his best guess, he assumed that there were two white men and two Indians buried there. He told an Indian co-worker about what he had found and he referred him to an old Indian woman. She warned him that if he continued to disturb the site that it would not mean good things for his life, and that it could be put it in jeopardy. She told him there was a spirit that guarded the graves, a spirit that he should steer clear of. She also mentioned that there was a mine nearby. He traveled those trails often and, though no one was there besides McKenzie, he also felt as if he was being watched. McKenzie saw something there one day that scared him so bad that he quit his job and never returned to the area, though it was never revealed what it was that he saw. He told his Indian friend that he was getting out of the area while he was still alive. (3)

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