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Titanic vs Titan-MTEP9

Mystery Tidbits Episode 9-Titanic vs Titan
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"Unsinkable-indestructible, she carried as few boats as would satisfy the laws"-Morgan Robertson
Sounds very similar to a ship we have all heard about, the Titanic. However this was not describing the Titanic. This was actually describing the Titan, a fictional ocean liner from a Novella, published in 1898.
Morgan Robertson

The Wreck of the Titan, Or Futility, authored by Morgan Robertson, follows the life of a disgraced, dismissed US Navy officer, who works as a deckhand aboard the , the Titan. Aside from the main plot of the story, the book received quite a bit of attention fourteen years after its publication due to the similarities it shared with the doomed ocean liner, the Titanic.

Interestingly enough, I first heard of this book back in the mid 90's, when I was a pre-teen, obsessed with the story of the Titanic and was trying to get my hands on whatever I could that dealt with the topic. It showed up on the armchair in the main characters apartment in a PC game that I was playing called "Titanic: Adventure Out Of Time" where essentially you are a british secret agent who failed his mission on the Titanic in 1912 and now, during world war 2 you are somehow thrown back in time and have a second chance at that mission. The book was "prophetic" in the game and apparently prophetic in real life and it sparked my interest so that I had to run to the library and check it out.

Here are the similarities, you decide if Morgan Robertson predicted Titanic's fate fourteen years prior to its sinking, or if it was just one big coincidence.
-First and foremost, the names:
  •           Titan, which means "A person or thing of enormous size, strength, power, influence, etc."
  •           Titanic, which means "titan. of enormous size, strength, power, etc.;gigantic"
-The Titan was the largest craft of its day, spanning 800 feet.
 The Titanic was the largest craft of its day, spanning 882 1/2 feet.
-Both the Titan and the Titanic only supplied enough lifeboats as required, the Titan with 24 and the Titanic with 20, this would supply seats for less than half of a ship with the capacity of 3000 people.

-Both ships were triple screw vessels, meaning they each had 3 propellers.

-The Titan struck an iceberg on an April night
 The Titanic also struck an iceberg on April 14th, 1912

-Both ships were deemed unsinkable, they both sank.

-The Titan had approx. 2500 people onboard
 The Titanic had approx. 2200 people onboard (not exactly the same, but close.

-The speed of the Titan at the time of impact with the iceberg was 25 knots
 The speed of the Titanic at the time of impact with the iceberg was 22.5 knots

Of course there are differences between the two, however the basics of the story are quite coincidental. Robertson actually republished Futility in 1912 after the titanic disaster, perhaps with the intent to cash in on the wreck, however all of the similarities detailed here are based off of the 1898 edition.

Was it fate, or just a coincidence? If anything it is very interesting none the less.

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