Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Mine of Lost Souls-MTEP2

Mystery Tidbits, Episode 2-The Mine of Lost Souls

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Dry Fork Utah, the supposed location of the Mine of Lost Souls. What is the Mine of Lost Souls? The tale goes as follows as it was related to a local man by an old Mexican woman who supposedly experienced the incident.

Some time ago there was a group of Mexicans in the area of what is now Dry Fork, Utah. The group lived in a cave and each day would travel to a tunnel where they would mine for gold. As they mined, they noticed Indians watching them, therefore they became increasingly nervous. Not only did they have the Indians to contend with, but when they would travel to a small town called Spanish Fork in Utah they also had the annoyance of Americans as they would follow them and try to find where the Mexicans had their mine.

One day, the Mexican woman and here husband went out hunting for food. When they returned all of the members of their group had been murdered. She states that "the Indians had killed them". They were very afraid and put all of their dead into the tunnel that had been being worked for gold and sealed it to the best of their ability. As they left they took the remainder of the gold, traveled at night and slept during the day for fear that they would be captured and killed.
(For more, look at Dale Bascom's Following the Legends)

As of right now this story seems just that, an interesting story. However, there is some evidence that backs up the existence of this tale.

From Kerry Ross Boren and Lisa Lee Boren's book The Gold of Carre Shin Ob is an account of a few kids stumbling upon what could perhaps be this very mine. It reads as follows:
"The sister of Max Harrison (of Vernal) was up in Dry Fork Canyon some years ago hiking around with a couple of other girls and some boys when they came across a small cave. They went back into this cave to snoop around and back inside a short way it dropped off into a shaft-like hole. Having a flashlight, they lowered one of the boys down into the hole with a rope. The cave was spooky to them anyway and they had mixed feelings about being there in the first place, but they were not ready for what was about to be discovered. When they pulled him from the hole, he described in graphic detail what he had seen; a room-like chamber where 15 or 20 human skeletons were sitting or lying around in the form of a circle against the walls, most of which were still wearing old Spanish armor. They ran from the cave and returned to their homes, swearing to one another an oath never to tell where this place was at."

Could this mine that these kids stumbled upon have been the mine that the old Mexican woman and her husband put their dead group in? Is it possible that others hiking in the area have stumbled upon this very mine and not told anyone about it? This is one of histories mysteries that is waiting to be revealed.


  1. e.e The odd thing is.....nevermind but I dont think the kids found was the Mine at all.

  2. 1st off kery ross boren just dos not know how to tell the truth. He is also a conveted murdder. He killed his 1st wife with a two-by four and spent time in the Utah State Prison. Now some storys say it was gold and outhers say it was silver that they were mining. Who to beleve? Some say it was a young boy and his grandfather, others say it was the old Mexican women who surived. Who knows?