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The Bear Lake Monster-MTEP3

Mystery Tidbits Episode 3-The Bear Lake Monster

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The mystery surrounding the Bear Lake Monsters is one that has been around for quite some time, even before the white man inhabited the Utah/Idaho border and a time when Native Americans strictly roamed the land.

According the,"When white settlers came to the valley, the Shoshone Indians inhabiting the area told of how the creature had often captured and carried away their people. Their description of the animal sounded much like a large crocodile or a mythical dragon." The monster is noted to have a "thin head", a "large mouth", "small legs" and appears to be approximately 90 feet in length.

This creature, like many of its kind, is said to be only a legend, however many will dispute this and claim the Bear Lake Monster is indeed real. "In 1860, four people saw a serpent like creature with about twenty feet visible which appeared to be covered with short hair. Also two of its flippers were visible." (

A Mormon colonizer by the name of Joseph C. Rich published a series of articles concerning Bear Lake and its supposed monster in the Deseret News. Witnesses gave Rich different descriptions of what the creatures appearance was and that it appeared to be a large reptile or crocodile creature.

According to an an article in the Deseret News published in 2004 "The 168-year-old tale got new fins when Bear Lake business owner Brian Hirschi recently announced that he had seen the creature. But skeptics were quick to point out that his recounting of the 2-year-old sighting appeared in a Salt Lake newspaper on Memorial Day weekend — the start of the summer tourist season.

It happened, he insists, one night in June 2002 as he was anchoring his large pontoon boat — shaped like a sea monster — after a day of ferrying tourists around the 20-mile long, 8-mile wide and 208-foot deep crystal blue lake.
After throwing the anchor, he saw "these two humps in the water" about 100 yards from the boat. At first he thought they were lost water skis, but they disappeared. Then, his boat lifted up.
"I started to get scared," said Hirschi, who owns five watercraft rental locations around the lake. "The next thing I know, a serpent-like creature shot up out of the water."
He said it had "really dark, slimy green skin and deep beet-red eyes." It went back under water and made a sound like a roaring bull before taking off.
Hirschi said he debated whether to tell anyone about his experience, fearing they would "think I was crazy or on the lake too much." But a year later, he decided to break his silence."
Could this account merely be a marketing ploy? Perhaps, however, you can never be sure. Trustworthy people experience strange things all the time, is this to say that they are crazy, absolutely not.
Just remember, if you are ever near the Utah/Idaho border, be sure to make a trip to Bear Lake, you never know what you may catch a glimpse of.

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