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Haunted Disneyland-MTEP10

Haunted Disneyland-MTEP10

Mystery Tidbits Episode 10-Disneyland Hauntins
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I can remember the first time I visited Disneyland, vividly. I suppose I should remember it so vividly being as I was 25 years old the first time I went.  I remember that from the moment I walked into the gates I was blasted with heavy smells of popcorn, churros, turkey legs and corndogs, only to have my imagination sparked with interest and wonder, considering this was Walt Disney’s baby at one time and to be standing and walking on the paths where he once did is truly magical, something, that in my mind, is the closest thing to a time machine we will ever have. I suppose I should remember it so vividly being as I was 25 years old the first time I went.

Since that first visit, I have been several more times. It created an obsession for me, a desire to learn every bit of history about Disneyland I could. The best part is, it is ever changing, always adding new attractions, it’s essentially the educational gift that keeps on giving, from learning about all of the rides, old ones, new ones, retired ones, future ones, to learning about why and how Disney does what they do in the parks for convenience and marketing reasons such as why attraction lines are as swerving as they are and the fact that they have machines called Smellitzers spread throughout the park in order to spray different scents in different areas to entice your taste buds to go pick up a sweet or salty treat. But on top of learning about these kinds of trivia there is always that question that comes up when dealing with popular and historic locations, and that is: Is this place haunted? The following is somewhat of a compilation of the strange, paranormal and urban legends that have been floating around on the internet for many years.

The park opened on July 17th, 1955. Walt, being the person he was, loved overseeing his ventures. He enjoyed personally being involved in projects that he was presenting to the world. Disneyland was no exception. When entering the park, just to your left, one can see the Disneyland fire station. Just above the fire station Walt had built an apartment. This apartment was for him and his family to stay at. It is said that Walt enjoyed very much so peering through the window, watching families walk through Disneyland and enjoying their time together. It is said that many years after Walt’s death that a cast member was up in the apartment dusting. When she left she made sure to turn out all of the lights. As she made her way down stairs she looked up and noticed that the lights were back on up in the apartment. She headed back up to the apartment, again, turned the lights off and made her way back to the first floor. When she got back down, the lights were on again. She headed back upstairs for a third time. When she entered the apartment a disembodied voice spoke to her saying “Don’t forget, I am still here”. It seems that even in the afterlife, Walt Still wants his presence to be known. When entering the park next time, be sure to take a peek at Walt’s apartment, just above the fire station, maybe even give a little wave, just so he can be aware that you know he is still there.

Space Mountain is one of those thrilling, roller coaster rides, the only caveat to the ride is that you are in the dark with only gleaming stars around you. In each row of the roller coaster you can seat two. It is said that, if you are a single rider with no one next to you, a large man with red hair and a red face may sometimes appear as your “riding companion”, however he will disappear just before the ride ends.

The Haunted Mansion has a Legend attached to it involving the mother of a young boy who had been killed. She supposedly asked some Disneyland cast members if she could scatter her sons ashes around the Haunted Mansion, being as it was his favorite ride. Disney told her no, however she took it upon herself to sneak some of the ashes onto her “Doom Buggy” and scatter them about the ride. It is said that the little boy has been seen sitting in empty “Doom Buggies” and that near the exit of the ride a disembodied little boy’s voice can be heard crying. Another tale from the Haunted Mansion claims that in the 1940’s a man crashed an airplane in Anaheim, I assume that it was somewhere around where Disneyland is now located. A cast member supposedly saw a man with a cane, again assuming that it fit the pilots description, on the loading dock where visitors enter their “Doom Buggies”

A ride operator for Pirates of the Caribbean told a group of people once that he was doing his ride pre-check, taking a stroll in one of the boats, making sure that it was in tip top shape for the day. At one point during the ride he claimed he saw a small boy or girl in the boat with him. Another tale from the ride is that in the “Transition Tunnel”, which is the darkest part of the ride, it is said that when the ride is shut down and the soundtrack is turned off, strange noises and giggling can be heard. At other times, it is said that a boy can be seen on the ride security cameras of Pirates but cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Tom Sawyers Island is also said to be haunted. Supposedly, a teenage boy attempted to swim to, or from the island (depending on which website you are getting the story from) and that he drown in the rivers of America. Cast members claim they have seen him rippling the water. Cast members have also reported seeing small children running and playing in and near the caves on Tom Saywers Island, when they attempt to go retrieve them they are nowhere to be found.

To conclude, It’s a small world may appear to be an innocent ride but come on, are we kidding ourselves, it’s a ride made out of dolls, we all know dolls are probably one of the freakiest objects out there. There are reports that some cast members who operated the ride loved it so much that they returned to It’s a Small World to reside. It is also said that after hours, once the ride has been shut down, the dolls do not. They continue to dance even though nothing is controlling them.

The happiest place on still is the happiest place on earth, to me anyway, even if there are those tales of it being spirited. There are many more spooky tales to tell from Disneyland so watch out for a second part to Disneyland Hauntings soon. 


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